Términos y Condiciones



Our system displays all the information of the services that are offered but not the availability. When a reservation is generated, you will immediately receive an automatic notification with a copy of the registered data. In no more than 48 hours, one of our advisors will contact you via email to confirm the status of your reservation, depending on the availability of the requested service. Passengers are responsible for correctly providing their e-mail and contact telephone numbers. In the event that passengers do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the established period, they must contact our whatsapp +51 931652173 where attention is during the 24 hours a day.


All rates are expressed in US dollars and nuevos soles, not including the VAT of 18% applicable to Peruvians and foreigners residing in Peru (exempt for foreigners).

The published rates are not valid for holidays, bank holidays or long weekends unless expressly stated.

Rates for groups over 10 people are subject to discounts, it is recommended to check with our reservations department info@quechuaspeople.com

All transportation rates are subject to change and space availability to be confirmed on the day the reservation is made. This available rate will be sent via e-mail by one of our advisors.


To confirm the reservation, we must have received your payment for the contracted services or the guarantee deposit. The reservation will be confirmed when one of our advisors informs you through an e-mail of the confirmed status and the corresponding confirmation code.

Payments or guarantee deposits must be made through our online system or, failing that, to the company's bank accounts.


The confirmation of the requested reservation will be informed through an e-mail indicating the reservation code of each contracted tourist service.

The confirmation of the services will proceed after having received your online reservation request and having received a guarantee deposit or full payment in the established periods.

The passenger will be contacted by the Tour Operator at the place of destination, who must identify himself with his passport or identity document and pay his balance in cash (if any) to start the provision of tourist services. QUECHUAS PEOPLE, will provide the client with the data of the operator and guide in charge before the start of any contracted tourist activity.

It is the passenger's responsibility to indicate their arrival and departure data with due anticipation.

In case the passenger requires pick-up from a specific place, other than the one published in the itinerary, he must coordinate it in advance with QUECHUAS PEOPLE to check the existence of additional charges.

If you purchase a tour package with transportation, the passenger must show up with the required anticipation at the indicated check-in time at the boarding station of the bus company or at the airport, to collect their card or boarding ticket and check in. . There is no responsibility on the part of the company if the passenger loses the ticket for reasons beyond the control of the company, such as delays, delays in queues, not checking in or others.

All ticket reservations are personal and non-transferable, non-endorsable and non-refundable. Likewise, they are under the cancellation policies of the transport company.

All tours are subject to climatic factor, in case there is interference from the weather to perform the contracted tourist service, the conditions of each service will be applied (in no case is there a refund).

After the client has received his confirmation by mail or any other means of communication, he has a period of no more than 48 hours after receiving it to make any observations. It is understood that if the client has not made observations in that period or has already begun to enjoy the contracted services, the company assumes compliance on the part of the client.

It is the responsibility of the client to pay the advance or the balances of the contracted service within the terms established by QUECHUAS PEOPLE, if they are not met, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refunds.

Cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies

For any cancellation, by the client, missing 45 days or less from the start date of the contracted service, they will be penalized with 100%.

Failure to appear on the day and at the time indicated for the provision of the contracted service has a 100% penalty.

For any cancellation, by the client, missing between 70 and 45 days from the start date of the contracted service, they will be penalized with 50% of the value of the program, plus US $ 25 of administrative expenses per passenger.

For any cancellation, by the client, missing between 90 and 70 days from the start date of the contracted service, a penalty of US $ 25 of administrative expenses per passenger will be applied.

For all rescheduling, by the client, with 45 days or less remaining from the start date of the contracted service, the request will be accepted provided that the client has no outstanding balances to pay, the third-party provider involved allows it and there is no difference in rate for the new rescheduling date.

Reimbursements will only be effective when the client requests it with more than 90 days left from the start date of the contracted service or when the company is unable to provide the contracted service, in the latter case, the company will not pay more than 100% of the amount paid by the customer. Refunds will be provided within a period of no less than 30 business days and no more than 120 business days, discounting the transaction costs, if any.

For any of the cases (cancellation, rescheduling and refunds), insofar as a contracted service is operated by a third party and its penalties are greater than those indicated in this document, those of the third party operator will apply.

In the event that the passenger does not decide to finish receiving any contracted service, the difference will not be refundable.


Passengers must carry a valid passport, or travel document according to their nationality, according to the legal regulations required by Peru.

Passengers who contract our services as foreigners not domiciled in Peru, must send a copy of the immigration stamp with the date of entry into the country, which must not exceed the number of days according to the current regulations for the exemption from VAT payment, Otherwise, you must pay the IGV on the total value of the contracted service.

Family groups containing children must carry their passport or DNI, in case they travel alone with one of the parents or a proxy, they must present a notarial permit with the authorization of the parents. In case you have made the payment and do not present this documentation, the service will not be provided and you will be penalized with 100%.


The obligation for the services not provided due to the negligence of QUECHUAS PEOPLE or our personnel, will be limited to the real cost of the omitted services and excludes all the consequences or indirect costs resulting.

In such event, QUECHUAS PEOPLE will make its best effort to provide alternative arrangements of equal or lesser value, subject to availability.

QUECHUAS PEOPLE acts as an intermediary between the tourist service operating companies and the passengers for the reservation process and the payment of the services. In case the service company stops operating due to internal labor reasons, force majeure or other reasons, or in case the company providing the service declares itself in economic insolvency, with the formalities required by the corresponding Peruvian legislation, the reimbursement of the service not provided will be made, within the aforementioned procedures and within the terms established by the Peruvian authorities, for each specific case.

Clients accept that QUECHUAS PEOPLE has no responsibility for the non-provision of the services offered in the event of adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that cannot be foreseen. Likewise, it acknowledges that there will be no responsibility, in the event of political movements, accidents, declaration of a state of emergency, closure of borders, strikes or any other public act beyond the control of QUECHUAS PEOPLE, which could not be foreseen. In these cases, the value of the contracted service will not be refundable.

The passenger accepts that QUECHUAS PEOPLE acts as an intermediary for tourist service companies, has no obligation or responsibility, for loss, damage or injury sustained in relation to the services and accommodations provided by railways, land transport companies, tourism companies venues, tour operators, steamship companies, airlines, adventure sports, hotels and lodging facilities. All these services operate under the laws of the country, submitting to the regulations provided by the relevant authorities.

QUECHUAS PEOPLE will provide the passenger with all the e-tickets and/or reservation confirmations through the e-mail of the passenger consigned in the reservation form.

The services provided through this system are intangible, therefore, if passengers for any reason do not take the services on the scheduled date and time, they will assume responsibility for their total expenses.


The company accepts Visa credit, debit and prepaid cards.

The company accepts deposits for cash payments in bank accounts in Peru and Western Union or Money Gram agents abroad.

For payments from abroad in cash through banks or remittance agents, the client assumes the cost of the transaction.

When the client pays with a card and with a currency other than that of the quote provided, he will assume the differences for the exchange rate applied by his bank.

For payments in cash, by transfer and/or bank deposits in a currency other than the quote provided, the client accepts the QUECHUAS PEOPLE exchange rate.

In the event that the client makes a card payment, QUECHUAS PEOPLE reserves the right to request a copy or photo of the card used for the payment, showing only the following information: first four digits, last four digits and name of the holder; in addition, the passport or identity card of the card holder to avoid fraudulent operations. If the cardholder will not be part of the travel group, they must send a letter by email which must be signed indicating that they authorize the charge to their card.